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Large Professor talks the original “Ether” with [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Eleven years ago, Large Professor was brought into one of hip hop’s most-publicized feuds when he was mentioned in the extended version of Jay-Z’s “Takeover.” For years, there had been an underlying feud between Jay-Z and Nas. During the summer of 2001, things came to a head and the two began calling each other out by name.

Upon hearing Jay-Z allude to having sex with the mother of his daughter, Nas dug deep and returned with “Ether.” While “Takeover” was considered a scathing diss from Jay-Z, it held no candle to what Nas returned with. Jay-Z, obviously, was shaken by the diss, as he reacted out of his normal calm character, leading many to argue Nas won the feud.

A decade since the beef, Jay-Z has since made peace with Nas, recorded several songs with him, and even signed him to Def Jam. Nas, on the other hand, recently returned with Life is Good, and has enjoyed a historic comeback on the strength of the album. Today was the release of Nas’ new album and released their interview with Large Professor regarding the original “Ether” track.

Watch the entire interview below: