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Gunplay signs solo deal with Maybach Music/Def Jam [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

An original member of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music, Gunplay rose to fame when the Triple Cs released their debut album in 2009. The group received much publicity, via 50 Cent, who was involved in a feud with Rick Ross at the time. Eventually, this feud proved beneficial for Rick Ross, as he went on to take over the rap game.

In 2010, Rick Ross became the most-popular rapper in the game and he has not looked back. Early in 2011, Rick Ross refocused on Maybach Music, signing Wale and Meek Mill. After signing the popular rappers, Rick Ross established a new deal with Warner Bros. Records. However, the original artists at Maybach Music remained on Def Jam.

Last summer, all of the attention was on Wale and Meek Mill. While they are still receiving much attention, Gunplay, Young Breed, Torch, and Maybach Dice are also making names for themselves, as they have all released new music. Gunplay recently signed his solo deal with Maybach Music, through the Def Jam extension and is preparing to continue his domination.

Watch the entire interview below: