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Album Review: Nas – “Life is Good”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It seems as if this day has been three years in the making, as Nas finally returned with his tenth studio album. Nas has enjoyed a very animated career, which spans over two decades. Through these twenty-plus years, Nas went through several ups and downs. Few artists can boast of contending against Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and The Notorious B.I.G., and then celebrate being one of 2012’s biggest artists.

Some began to criticize Nas for losing a step, but he proved he could master the art of the comeback with Life is Good. In many ways, Life is Good is centered around Nas’ current status as a 40-something divorcee with two children. Nas has been portrayed as the all-around cool, street wise, intellectual thug, but now holds the burdens of the everyday man, only with fortune and fame.

While many things have disappointed him, such as the actions of his daughter and his high-profile divorce, Nas feels overall, Life is Good. On the album, Nas proved he was very much so 2012, but also let it be known he originated in the old school. Throughout the album, Nas flows over several old school-inspired beats. However, the content of the album is relevant to life as it is known in 2012. Though Nas managed to keep up with the times on his new album, he still found a way to craft a timeless album full of classic tracks.

A continuous theme of Nas’ album is him being an old man with the looks and the style of a young man. Because of this, Nas was able to make a song the young people can enjoy and relate to, while giving old school hip hop heads a breath of fresh air through his new music. Among those featured on the album include Rick Ross and Anthony Hamilton, who both put forth stellar performances, yet they did not outshine the star of the show, Nas. Few albums released this year will come close to what Nas has put together with Life is Good.

Nas made his fans wait four years until he returned with a new album and the album proved to be worth every second of those four years. Life is Good is easily the best hip hop album of 2012.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 10/10