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Kendrick Lamar talks Lady Gaga friendship

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past year, Kendrick Lamar has gone from being a popular street rapper in Los Angeles to becoming the newest star on Interscope Records. Kendrick Lamar has become one of the most favorite new rappers in the game. The young Compton emcee has caught the attention of numerous veterans, including Game and Dr. Dre.

The impact of Kendrick Lamar goes well beyond hip hop, however. A few weeks ago, Lady Gaga revealed her support of Kendrick Lamar. Because of their opposite styles, many did not expect to discover the two knowing each other, let alone showing support. Lady Gaga went as far as traveling to Chicago to watch Kendrick Lamar at Pitchfork Festival 2012.

Recently, Kendrick Lamar broke his silence about his dealings with Lady Gaga. Kendrick Lamar said the two are good friends. When asked about a collaboration, Kendrick Lamar revealed he hopes for one. But, willing to take things slow, Kendrick Lamar said he would settle for just a friendship until they could actually work together.