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Cliff Po talks “Pursuing Honest Ambitions” documentary

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Tonight, Cliff Po’s Pursuing Honest Ambitions documentary will premiere on Hip Hop Vibe. Before the documentary premieres, Cliff Po will give fans a chance to learn who he truly is. Cliff Po has released a steady flow of music over the past few years. With New York City’s hip hop scene making a comeback, Cliff Po is one of the heavy-hitters, representing through Harlem.

Cliff Po named his new project Pursuing Honest Ambitions because it is what he has been doing since choosing to become a rapper. Though he has built a solid name for himself, Cliff Po understands he has a long way to go. In his documentary, Cliff Po shows exactly what he has to go through in order to build.

With the documentary premiering tonight, Hip Hop Vibe sat Cliff Po down to speak about the documentary and how he is building his career. Cliff Po will explain where the Pursuing Honest Ambitions title comes from, what to expect in the documentary, and why he chose this path. Cliff Po’s documentary will premiere tonight at 10:00 pm EST.

Read the entire interview below:

Why did you decide to use the title, Pursuing Honest Ambitions? The truth is, the original name was “Pharoah,” so I looked for an acronym, which was Pursuing Honest Ambitions, Respect, and Only Hope. I liked the title because it described me perfectly.

When will this album be released? Honestly, the album was supposed to be released today, but it was not completed. But, to keep my name out there, I decided to do the documentary today.

What can the viewers expect to see in this documentary? My personal life and music life. I’m actually watching it right now.

Basically, Pursuing Honest Ambitions will be a day in the life of Cliff Po, correct? Not really a day, but more like a month, because we shot a little over a month’s worth of material.

How do you feel about the buzz you have enjoyed this year? It has been amazing, but it needs to be bigger.

If you had to explain your “Pursuit of honest ambitions, respect, and only hope,” what would you say? Oh wow. It is a struggle, everyone is trying to make it. Whoever works the hardest and makes things happen will succeed. I am ambitious, my grind never stops.