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Lil’ Scrappy talks Diamond breakup with Vlad TV [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A little over a year ago, Lil’ Scrappy found himself the odd man out in a hip hop love triangle with Diamond and Soulja Boy. Because Lil’ Scrappy did not have much to say, he appeared as the overall loser in the situation. Paitience is a virtue, because Lil’ Scrappy has the platform which is allowing him to say what he wants and when he wants.

Lil’ Scrappy has quickly become a central member of the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” The overall interest in Lil’ Scrappy has reached new heights since he joined the show. One of the first things addressed by Lil’ Scrappy was the relationship with Diamond. As he previously stated, Lil’ Scrappy said he was happy for Diamond, but he wished she would have been discreet about her relationship with Soulja Boy.

Vlad TV recently caught up with Lil’ Scrappy and their conversation centered around the relationship with Diamond. Lil’ Scrappy remained consistent with the things he stated, again wishing Diamond the best of luck in everything she does in the future. Ironically, as Lil’ Scrappy finds himself the reality TV star and finds his hip hop star rising again, Diamond has a comeback mixtape in the works.

Watch the entire interview below: