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Cliff Po pays homage to Lord Finesse with “Hip 2 Da Game 2012”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The legendary Lord Finesse has become a major topic of discussion today, as it was revealed this morning that he was filing a lawsuit against Mac Miller. Stunned by the lawsuit, Mac Miller prematurely broke his silence regarding he and Lord Finesse. Obviously not happy about being sued by someone he looks up to, Mac Miller stated he is still a major Lord Finesse fan.

It is the Mac Miller fans who have not had anything nice to say about Lord Finesse. There are several slurs aimed at Lord Finesse, which are currently trending on Twitter. Though Mac Miller has nothing to do with this, the fans are jumping to his defense. Cliff Po has now stepped in to Lord Finesse’s defense, feeling the hip hop fans should show more respect.

Earlier today, Cliff Po addressed the lawsuit between Lord Finesse and Mac Miller. The lawsuit stems from Mac Miller sampling the 1995 single, “Hip 2 Da Game.” Upon addressing the lawsuit, Cliff Po released his own version of “Hip 2 Da Game.” Paying homage to the DITC leader, Cliff Po titled his updated version of the song “Hip 2 Da Game 2012.”

Listen to “Hip 2 Da Game 2012” by Cliff Po below: