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Freddie Gibbs interview with Fader [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Working closely with several artists on the West Coast, Freddie Gibbs has officially moved to the city of Los Angeles. The new West Coast-oriented Freddie Gibbs has picked up a new fan base, while still a part of Young Jeezy and the Corporate Thugz family. Last year was when the rising rapper was signed to the label.

Now, Freddie Gibbs is a part of one of the hottest independent record labels and has become one of the biggest new figures in the game. Though he has been making consistent hits for a year, in the eyes of many, Freddie Gibbs is still a new artist. After his tremendous buzz from last year, Freddie Gibbs is now working on his debut album.

Recently, Freddie Gibbs spoke to The Fader. During his conversation with them, Freddie Gibbs discussed his upcoming DJ Drama mixtape and much of his other musical works. In the interview, Freddie Gibbs was very candid.

Watch the entire interview below: