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Maybach Dice joins the Coke Boys

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There are numerous artists helping to restore New York City to its former greatness. Among those artists is Maybach Dice. From the beginning, the Queens native has been in good hands, working with Bang ‘Em Smurf and signing with Feed Da Wolves. Given Bang ‘Em Smurf’s affiliation with Rick Ross and Maybach Music, Dice soon signed with the label, thus the Maybach Dice name.

In the time since he has signed with Maybach Music, Maybach Dice has had the opportunity to work with many of the other artists on the label. Even those he has not had the chance to work with, Maybach Dice has spent time with, continuing the family atmosphere. Daily, Maybach Music is making news for scouting or adding a new artist.

Maybach Music came just short of landing French Montana on their roster. Instead, the Coke Boys leader decided to join Bad Boy Records. Still, however, French Montana has continued to be one of the closest affiliates of the label. Maybach Dice recently revealed, via Facebook, he would also be joining French Montana’s Coke Boys team.

The post made, which confirmed this stated “FDW/MMG / CokeBOyz it’s official!!”