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Honey Cocaine releases DJ Ill Will-hosted “90’s Gold” mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Throughout the year of 2012, Honey Cocaine’s name has gained an increasing amount of popularity. Honey Cocaine has enjoyed a lot of publicity from being signed to Tyga, of Young Money fame. Earlier this year, while touring in Omaha, an altercation led to Honey Cocaine being shot.

Honey Cocaine has been very vocal about the shooting. The discussion about the shooting has not been limited to interviews, however. Last month, Honey Cocaine released a song, which is titled “Who Shot Me.” Everything has continued to lead to the star of Honey Cocaine only shining brighter.

Using “Who Shot Me” as her launch, Honey Cocaine teamed up with DJ Ill Will for her new mixtape. Being a product of the 1990s, Honey Cocaine decided to title her new project, 90’s Gold. In addition to “Who Shot Me,” the mixtape consists of eight other tracks.

Download 90’s Gold by Honey Cocaine below:
[90’s Gold Download]