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Iggy Azalea talks about A$AP Rocky with VladTV [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past few months, Iggy Azalea has risen in popularity, officially making the jump from her native Australia to the United States. Initially, Iggy Azalea was said to be signed to Interscope Records. Eager to work, T.I. reached out and was soon named the executive producer of Iggy Azalea’s upcoming debut album, The New Classic.

Soon, however, Iggy Azalea was revealed to be on Grand Hustle Records, T.I.’s record label, along with being signed with Interscope Records. Many were confused, given the deal T.I. has had in place with Atlantic Records since 2003. Iggy Azalea revealed she was only managed by Interscope and is not signed to Atlantic, only Grand Hustle.

Along with the questions about her label, Iggy Azalea is constantly teased for her rumored relationship with A$AP Rocky. Thus far, she has all but confirmed she is involved with A$AP Rocky, but has yet to say the words, which she said she never will. During her recent conversation with Vlad TV, Iggy Azalea again danced around the subject.

Watch the entire interview below: