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Ca$h Out talks LeBron James rapping to “Cashin’ Out” with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Late in the winter of 2012, the first summer anthem of the year was released. The club scene in Atlanta began buzzing when Ca$h Out’s single, “Cashin’ Out” was released. First, the Atlanta club scene picked the single up and then the song became one of the biggest new hit of the year.

Nearly six months have passed since Ca$h Out released “Cashin’ Out,” which continues to grow. Recently, Ca$h Out revealed he had another single in the works that would be a bigger hit than “Cashin’ Out.” Last week, the Miami Heat won the NBA title and the team began celebrating to the hit.

After winning his first NBA title, LeBron James went to the club and began rapping to several hit singles. LeBron James showed love to the Atlanta hip hop scene, rapping to 2 Chainz’ “Riot” and later Ca$h Out’s “Cashin’ Out.” Talking to XXL, Ca$h Out revealed he was excited to know LeBron knew all the words and gave him a 10 of 10 for his rap performance.