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Lil’ Flip working on new album and movie

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As of late, Lil’ Flip has been on a strong comeback run. Lil’ Flip has rocked stages in cities throughout the South over the past few months. In addition to his frequent performances, Lil’ Flip has also been in the studio. Earlier this year, Lil’ Flip announced he would release new music.

With the summer here, Lil’ Flip is preparing to unleash his new work. Recently, Flip revealed he had a new project in the works with D Rich. The two are currently working on 40 Ounces and Lean. As it currently stands, the new project does not have a release date.

In addition to 40 Ounces and Lean, Lil’ Flip is also working with O.G. Boo Dirty on a special project. Lil’ Flip and O.G. Boo Dirty are putting together a new album, which will be titled Mob Affiliated. More than an album, there will also be a movie of the same title released, starring both rappers.