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Album Preview: Nas – “Life is Good”

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After sending a false alarm last summer, Nas has returned with the real deal this year, as Life is Good is well on its way. Early this spring, Nas released “The Don,” which was, in part, produced by the late Heavy D. From that point on, Nas has been the most-discussed rapper from New York.

Over twenty years strong in the rap game and Nas is perhaps the biggest rapper in the game, with the exception of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Throughout the spring months of 2012, Nas has released several songs. Among the most well-received has been the single, “Daughters,” dedicated to his own daughter, Destiny Jones.

Nas has been making his media rounds over the past few months. Recently, Nas spoke on why he titled the album, Life is Good. Detailing the years of his life, overall it has been good to Nas. Moving on from the negative, which is displayed in the album cover with Kelis’ wedding dress, Nas is focused on the future.

Given the way Life is Good sounds, thus far, it is indeed good.

Track listing:

  1. “No Introduction”
  2. “Loco-Motive” featuring Large Professor
  3. “A Queens Story”
  4. “Accident Murderers” featuring Rick Ross
  5. “Daughters”
  6. “Reach Out” featuring Mary J. Blige
  7. “World’s An Addiction” featuring Anthony Hamilton
  8. “Summer On Smash” featuring Miguel and Swizz Beatz
  9. “You Wouldn’t Understand” featuring Victoria Monet
  10. “Back When”
  11. “The Don”
  12. “Stay”
  13. “Cherry Wine” featuring Amy Winehouse
  14. “Bye Baby”
  15. “Nasty”
  16. “The Black Bond”
  17. “Roses”
  18. “Where’s The Love” featuring Cocaine 80s
  19. “Trust” (Bonus)
  20. “The Don (Don Dada remix)” (Bonus)