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HHV Exclusive: Young Breed talks “Self Made 2,” Maybach Music family, and solo material

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

An original member of Maybach Music and a member of the Triple Cs, Young Breed is preparing for his own string of hits. Working with Rick Ross for the better part of a decade, Young Breed has witnessed history. Young Breed has alos been a part of history, now looking to make his own.

Young Breed is preparing to move forward with his career at a time when demand for his label, Maybach Music, is at an all-time high. With the Self Made 2 album in the works, Young Breed is pushing his own solo movement. The Miami emcee is fresh off the release of his mixtape, The Freestyle Chronicles, and has another on the way.

The Freestyle Chronicles has led to Young Breed getting re-established in the game, as his “Theraflu” remix was well-received. Young Breed has much more music in the works. Hip Hop Vibe recently spoke to Young Breed about the Self Made 2 project, the family atmosphere at Maybach Music, and his solo music.

Read the entire interview below:

Next week, Maybach Music will release Self Made 2, what is the energy like at MMG? The energy is crazy man. A lot of build up, we submitted some tracks. The whole city is talking about it, every city we deal in is talking about it. New York , Ohio, DC/DMV, Philly. We got three projects coming out. This feels good.

What has been the difference, aside from the new artists, between the first Self Made album and the second one? I don’t really think there is a difference. Everybody is meshing more, more people understand what we’re trying to do. This time around, there is more growth. Things have come together a lot quicker and things are bigger and better. Beat Billionaire, one of our in-house producers has done his thing. The whole team is doing great, shout out to our production team. Everybody has their own lane now and they dominate it. A lot more people wanted in on MMG this time around. Look forward to great music.

During Gunplay’s conversation with Hip Hop Vibe, he said he likes the new energy Wale and Meek Mill add to the team, how do you feel about MMG’s new star players? Oh man, I think they’re wonderuful. It brings another side of the nation to our label. Wale holds us down in the DMV and Meek Mill handles Philly. They are humble dudes. I have had the chance to work with all of them. We are all real dudes and have the same agenda. The chemistry with the group is all love.

With Gunplay having two new projects in the works, will you be featured on either of them? Yeah, I am on both of them. I just got back from Atlanta, where I shot a video with Gunplay and O.J. da Juiceman. Gunplay and I have been in the studio working on projects, so it has definitely been a blessing.

Recently, Omarion was added to Maybach Music, have you had the opportunity to meet him? Yeah, Omarion came down to Miami at Stalley’s show. He’s very humble, I welcomed him to the team and he told me he appreciated the love. We have been in the studio working on some material. We have more great music on the way, he is a good dude, and now the world realizes what Maybach Music Group has to offer. Shout out to Omarion and welcome to the team, continue to expect good music from us.

What was once a small label has become a roster filled with artists, what is that like? You have different situations and I think it’s better, personally. Everybody has their own lane and has their own marketing they are going after. We get to use each other’s energy and it builds a platform for everyone to have a network to expand. A big roster ups the competition, drive, and motivation, so we make better music.

How does the family atmosphere maintain itself at MMG with so many new people on the roster? This is a family and it is what it is. You hear us talk about MMG and relate it to family because we are a family, more than friends. No jealousy, no envy. MMG is not somewhere you bump into a stranger and say “MMG.” We have family ties and we respect each other as a whole and we mesh very well together.

Do you still speak to Rick Ross often? Yeah, almost every other day. He is the headquarters, you have to stay close to them. Shout out Rick Ross and the entire MMG management team. We all communicate thoroughly.

How does he feel about the new work you have? He is 110% supporting it. He often sends me texts where he tells me he supports me. Ross is a full supporter of everyone at the camp. As long as he sees you working, he supports you. That is how our label is, as long as you’re working, they support you.

Recently, you released The Freestyle Chronicles, how do you feel about the reaction to it, so far? I think the reaction has been great. Everything from the buzz to the reaction has been great. I am on tour promoting this project. I have performed in Tampa, Atlanta, and now I am headed to Jacksonville, Florida. The project has given me a platform to keep doing my solo music, so I have more in the works. Mixtape downloads, the videos, and everything has done well.

The Freestyle Chronicles was only a warm-up project, what do you have planned to release next? The next one I am doing is called Young Nigga, Old Soul. I am lining up the release date for that right now.

Can you go into detail about your upcoming mixtape? Yeah, Young Nigga, Old Soul will be all original music. My last mixtape was released on 4/20, and I added my own swag to songs already out. But, on this project, I have handpicked the beats. I also have a DVD coming. The DVD will show the behind the scenes from the music videos, performance footage, and much more. This new project will be my official introduction. After they finish hearing that tape, they will feel like they had a real conversation with Young Breed.

How did your new single, “Come Back,” come to be? That was basically a track sent to me from my people, shout out to them. When I heard the song, I loved it. That was the first original song I recorded after Freestlyle Chronicles. I have Torica, a Grammy-nominated singer from the West Coast on it. I loved the song, the hook has the sample from Rick Ross off “John.” I went in on the track, radio loves it, the streets love it, and that is the single we’re pushing until the mixtape comes out. I recorded that song in 30 minutes.

Out of all the hip hop artists out there, where do you rank yourself right now? As far as hip hop artists go, I do not rank myself. I am in my own zone, I’m hustling and grinding. I want people to appreciate Young Breed. This is my transition stage from underground to becoming an international star. Right now, I see myself in the transition stage, from college to pros, from JV to varsity.