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Behind the Lens: Patryk Depa of High Depinition

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Technology has changed and hip hop has received a major boost from it. Once YouTube became a household name, it was only a matter of time before rappers began putting together their own music videos. A number of people have picked up high definition cameras and have started their film careers by shooting music videos.

Patryk Depa, a native of Delaware, is among those who have started a career in hip hop film. Depa has become critically-acclaimed, as he has been involved in many music videos. Among those Depa has worked with include Beanie Sigel, Meek Mill, and Gillie da Kid. Like many who have found their creative calling, they started somewhere else.

Initially, Patryk Depa entered the game as an aspiring executive. Operating a record label and working as a manager, soon he began focusing on the visual aspect. Doing these early music videos soon led to Patryk Depa becoming one of the biggest visual names in hip hop. Currently, Depa is putting together his film, Brotherly Love, which will star veteran actor, Ving Rhames.

Check out additional photos of Patryk Depa below: