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J-Hood releases “Blackballed” mixtape with DJ Piombo

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Though he is still relatively young, J-Hood is a seasoned veteran in the game, having gone through more than most. J-Hood has become one of the most-reliable mixtape rappers in New York. A native of Yonkers, J-Hood began his career with D-Block, until the unfortunate end of the crew.

J-Hood is now on good terms with his former crew, but remains solo, as he is the head of his own ODG movement. The transition from the D-Block situation over to his own company inspired J-Hood. In trying to establish his own movement, J-Hood went through a lot of trouble.

Essentially Blackballed, J-Hood has turned the negative situation into a positive, turning it into his latest mixtape release. Over the past few months, J-Hood has been promoting the new project. Blackballed comes after his previous release, Book of Joshua.

J-Hood teams up with DJ Piombo for this new project.

Download Blackballed by J-Hood below:
[Blackballed Download]