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Lil Wayne and Supra join forces for shoe brand

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Love him or hate him, Lil Wayne continues to cement his legacy. Throughout his career, Lil Wayne has gone through a struggle with Jay-Z. Regardless of what is said by both rappers in songs, there is a mutual respect between the two. Because of the run Jay-Z enjoyed before his “retirement” and the power moves he made after returning, Lil Wayne will always admire Hov.

Jay-Z became the prototype for what modern-day rappers call successful, as he released a platinum album yearly, had a popular record label of his own, and successful clothing and shoe lines. When he decided to give his position in the rap game up, Lil Wayne eyed the spot. Lil Wayne immediately stepped in with the platinum albums and later the popular record label and now has clothing.

So far, the spring months of 2012 have proven to be successful for Lil Wayne. He has successfully built anticipation for his upcoming album, I Am Not a Human Being 2, and business is going well for him. Lil Wayne recently unveiled his Trukfit clothing line at Macy’s and has since announced his shoe deal with Supra. In April, Lil Wayne announced the deal, Supra confirmed it last night.