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Canibus addresses apology rumors

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the weekend, Canibus became the butt of numerous jokes when he pulled out a notepad during a freestyle battle. Canibus is currently working on a DVD, in which the freestyle battle was to be showcased. The clip of Canibus pulling out the notepad has circulated the internet and has caused multiple jokes.

Canibus has been considered to be one of the best rappers in the game for some time, even though his popularity has never been high. At one point, many were considering him to be the “third coming” of Rakim behind Nas, the “second coming.” Feuds with popular artists and lack of label support hindered Canibus’ mainstream career.

Until recently, Canibus could always argue of his mic skills. Though he still can, the notepad incident could serve as an equalizer. Yesterday, an apology from Canibus to his fans on Tumblr appeared. Canibus’ manager immediately stated the apology was false.

Canibus took to his Facebook to completely explain himself.

Read Canibus’ Facebook statement below:

Canibus HERE,

Just got my stitches out. Will be going to therapy once a week for my AC injury. First time I’ve had a separated shoulder but I am expecting a full recovery in time. Also continuing work on the Rip The Jacker 2 DVD. Will continue to keep you all updated as things happen. Don’t really know what to say concerning all these blogs, parodies, and fake accounts posting apologies about god knows what but I am moving forward for my Rippers and Hip Hop as best as I can. Thank You for your good wishes and encouragement. Sometimes people need laughter and entertainment at the expense of others embarrassment but Hip Hop means so much to me I don’t care. Diz is the champ. Please be kind to one another and don’t forget we are all family in this Hip Hop Community whether we know it or not.