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Nas interview with CNN [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This year, Nas has showed the world what a true comeback is. Four years have passed since Nas released Untitled. At the time, Nas was a major discussion topic because he wanted to name his album Nigger. Battling with Def Jam and eventually losing, Nas released two singles from the album before falling out of the spotlight.

In 2009, Nas released his joint album with Damian Marley, which was met with critical acclaim. But, for the most part, Nas remained out of the spotlight. There were rumors, however, of Nas possibly joining Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Though the two remain close, Nas never joined his company.

Three years later, Nas is closing in on the July 17 release date for Life is Good, which is building to be a classic album. The “Daughters” single has grabbed headlines on numerous media outlets. CNN recently sat Nas down to speak on the single, overall parenting, and, of course, the usage of the “N-word.”

Watch the entire interview below: