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Lil Wayne disses the Oklahoma City Thunder, once again

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Undeniable is the connection between the rap game and the NBA. Many teams are often mentioned in lyrics. In recent years, the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder have been mentioned by rappers in songs. It should be no coincidence that the two teams have been among the best in the NBA over the past couple of seasons.

Evidenced by his appearances on ESPN’s “First Take” and his own viral series, “Weezy’s Sports Center,” Lil Wayne is an avid NBA fan. With his hometown New Orleans Hornets missing the playoffs this season, Wayne has apparently been pulling for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last night, the Thunder began their NBA Finals series against the Miami Heat.

During the middle of last season, Lil Wayne expressed displeasure with Miami Heat’s star players, franchise all-time leading scorer, Dwyane Wade, and Cleveland Cavaliers transplant, LeBron James, who were not shaking his hands at games. Before the end of the season, both players began speaking to Wayne. The Thunder, however, continue to refuse to let Lil Wayne sit courtside.

Following his removal during their game in the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, Lil Wayne had another run-in with the franchise. Once again turning to his Twitter, Lil Wayne is officially rooting for Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat, as evidenced in his Twitter post.