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Illboyz to interview Mohammed Ali Malik soon

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In Germany, Illboyz has become one of the most-recognizable brands in hip hop entertainment. The brand has become popular because of their connections to international and local talent. Under their belt, Illboyz has a number of interviews and footage of names such as Ice Cube and Reman.

Though there has been a bit of a wait, Illboyz will soon be returning with some new material. Kevin Anahid has been making moves behind the scenes to ensure the same type of quality videos from Illboyz continues. One popular artist on the Germany hip hop scene is Mohammed Ali Malik.

Mohammed Ali Malik will be among the German acts who will be featured on the upcoming set of episodes from Illboyz. In Germany, he has risen in popularity and has new material on the way. During his interview with Illboyz, Mohammed Ali Malik will speak on his new music and more.

Watch the video below:

Listen to Boomerang by Mohammed Ali Malik below: