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DJ Mystik talks “Blow’d Up” mixtape series

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Without a doubt, the rap game has changed, but the formula remains the same. In order to truly gain popularity, most rappers still have to link up with a DJ. Still, the DJs can be found in clubs, playing the music the fans want to hear. The artists who have made it to the top continue to realize how important the DJs are, so they bring them along.

DJ Mystik is one of the most-popular rising DJs in the South. The head of his own Burdskool DJs coalition, DJ Mystik is also a member of T-Pain’s Nappy Boy label, through the Nappy Boy DJs coalition. Over the past few years, DJ Mystik has continued to make big moves and has gained ties to many other DJs.

Currently, DJ Mystik is preparing for the fourth installment of his Blow’d Up mixtape series, which has grown in popularity with each release. The latest Blow’d Up mixtape will feature music from such artists as Big Cat Records’ newcomer, Cognac Gunna, only naming a few. More popular independent talent will be featured on the project.

DJ Mystik recently talked to Hip Hop Vibe about the Blow’d Up mixtape series and the people he has worked with on the series over the past few years.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you begin the Blow’d Up series? I began releasing Blow’d Up during the summer of 2011.

Who were the first artists you featured on the series? Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, Pimp Zilla was the highlighted artist of the series. It was his whole idea, he gave me my series to start with it. I definitely salute him for that. He is an artist from Augusta, Georgia, but he is based out of Kansas City. Kelly Rowland, Travis Porter, Nicki Minaj, Pastor Troy, and Lil’ Boosie were among the original artists featured.

When did you realize you had a successful series with Blow’d Up? I realized it when I dropped the second installment. Once the second edition dropped, in December 2011, it had a big buzz and a lot of artists wanted to get on it. In the time since then, the series has taken flight.

How do you feel about the upcoming fourth edition? I want to say it is going to be one of my best projects yet, as it will show off my blending and scratching skills. It will have more of a club mix and will feature more songs and artists, with other DJs, as Vol. 3 did. I did Vol. 1 and 2 alone, but I linked up with other DJs for Vol. 3 to expand.

Do you have a set release date for the new project? At the moment, I cannot say, but it will come toward the end of the month.

On this mixtape, who will be featured? Meek Mill, Blue Marley, 2 Chainz, Big K.R.I.T., Alley Boy, T-Pain, Future, and Mattress King. For independent artists, the deadline to get featured on the project will be this Friday.

Will you be teaming up with DJ X-Rated on for Blow’d Up, Vol. 4? Nah. I am teaming up with my own Burdskool DJs. I will have DJ Neako and DJ Mr. Muzik. We are all connected with the Slip-N-Slide DJs and the Keep it 100 DJs, we are also connected with the A&R and Nappy Boy DJs.

Can you speak on the working relationship you guys have? Me and DJ Neako are from Augusta, Georgia and we started the Burdskool DJ coalition together. I personally brought in DJ Mr. Muzik to Burdskool and now we both reside in the same city, Tallahassee, Florida.

How do you feel about the growth of the Blow’d Up franchise so far? It has definitely becoming a worldwide mixtape series. It features a lot of industry artist, along with numerous independent artists. We play the mixtapes on Burdskool Radio, which helps gain more exposure, as Burdskool Radio is getting worldwide traffic.

Which Blow’d Up mixtape did you have the most fun putting together? Vol. 2.

Check out the Blow’d Up series below: