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Nas talks concept of “Life is Good” cover with

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last summer, Nas revealed he was working on a new album, which he would call Life is Good. Nas released the first single, “Nasty,” and began pushing the new project, before coming to an abrupt halt. Initially, Life is Good was due for a 2011 release, but was delayed until 2012.

This year, Nas has been sure to not drop the ball. God’s Son, as he is fondly called, has continued to deliver classic material. Nas delivered the second single from the album, “The Don,” followed by “Black Girl Lost 2,” and then his very personal third single, “Daughters.” Over the past few weeks, “Daughters” has gotten much radio play.

The official cover for Life is Good recently dropped and it features Nas holding the wedding dress Kelis wore during their wedding, years ago. In 2010, the former lovers went through a nasty divorce. The dress is obviously hinted at how things have changed for Nas and he told he was sure he would be hearing from her soon.