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Dollarmentary working on “Green Crack” sequel

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As he works on his official debut album, Dollarmentary plans on keeping the streets hot with mixtapes. Earlier this year, Dollarmentary released his Green Crack mixtape, which featured several legends. When Dollarmentary spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about this mixtape, he revealed the material was originally intended for his studio album, but he released it on the internet.

Dollarmentary is currently putting together his follow-up project, America’s Baby, another project he says will be a classic. With many still listening to Green Crack, the fans of Dollarmentary will have something to enjoy. Dollarmentary wants to keep new material out, in order to keep his fans satisfied. Because of this, he plans to keep himself busy recording.

The promotion for Green Crack still continues, but Dollarmentary has more in the works. During a recent post on Facebook, in promotion of Green Crack, Dollarmentary revealed there was a part two in the works of his previous mixtape offering. While no further information on the project has been revealed, fans should expect a potential sequel to the Green Crack project to come sometime after the release of America’s Baby.