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Queen Latifah denies coming out at Long Beach Gay Pride festival

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the years, Queen Latifah’s sexuality has come into play. Perhaps, because of her position as a tough femcee, many have written Queen Latifah off as a lesbian. Queen Latifah also played the role of a lesbian in the film, Set it Off. Playing one lesbian role, Queen Latifah has played many roles as the female lead, including in 2010 as Common’s love interest in Just Wright.

Despite all the straight roles Queen Latifah has played, the lesbian rumors continue. Queen Latifah has done little to stop the rumors, saying her personal life is her business. In the past, Queen Latifah has been close to her personal trainer, Jeannette Jenkins. During her appearance on the reality show starring Tia and Tamera Mowry, she hinted at being romantically involved with the Queen.

Last month, Queen Latifah made an appearance at the Long Beach Gay Pride Festival. During this appearance, Queen Latifah called the gay community her “peeps.” This led to a number of gossip websites running stories of Queen Latifah coming out as a lesbian. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Queen Latifah revealed this was not the case. Queen Latifah said the first show where she was paid over $10,000 to perform was at a gay club and she always shows love to them because of all of the hate the gay community receives.