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Peter Rosenberg talks Nicki Minaj comments

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hot 97 has been hip hop’s home station for years. Their Summer Jam festival has become a major spectacle. Over the years, many controversial things have taken place at Summer Jam. In 1999, Jay-Z used the platform to diss a then-unknown 50 Cent, who had been baiting Jay-Z on mixtape tracks. Two years later, Jay-Z used the platform to officially begin his feud with Nas.

Controversy from Hot 97 has not only been at Summer Jam, but also over the air, as the radio personalities have gone at it. Funkmaster Flex has been taking shots at Power 105’s, the rival New York City radio station, DJ Clue for two years. Late last year, T.I. took offense to words from Peter Rosenberg, following his prison release. Yesterday, Peter Rosenberg caused friction with Young Money.

Nicki Minaj intended to use Hot 97 Summer Jam 2012 to officially begin her feud with Lil’ Kim, which has been ongoing for two years. At the concert, Nicki Minaj planned to have a Lil’ Kim look-a-like in a coffin, as she prepared her funeral. However, before Nicki Minaj took the stage, Peter Rosenberg reportedly stated Nicki Minaj’s single, “Starships,” was “wack.” Upon discovering what was said, Nicki Minaj was angry and refused to perform. Lil Wayne later went to his Twitter to announce Young Money would not be performing at Summer Jam 2012.

Earlier today, Peter Rosenberg broke his silence on Nicki Minaj being upset with what he said. caught the audio, which can be heard below.

Listen to the audio below: