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Ice Cube talks “Everything’s Corrupt” album with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Though he has been primarily focused on his film ventures over the past fifteen years, Ice Cube still offers new material to hip hop, his initial home. Every two years, listeners have come to expect a new album from Ice Cube. After delivering I Am the West in 2010, Ice Cube promised to provide his audience with Everything’s Corrupt.

XXL recently talked to Ice Cube about his upcoming album. Ice Cube is one of the rare emcees who is able to release hardcore “gangsta” music and still provide family-friendly film entertainment. Still providing the hardcore tracks the audience loves, Ice Cube is including his own family. Ice Cube will be working with his sons, OMG and Doughboy, on this new project.

On Everything’s Corrupt, Ice Cube spoke on the three songs he has in the works. During his conversation with XXL, Ice Cube discussed three new songs on the project. The three songs, which commanded Cube’s attention were “Dominate the Weak,” “One For the Money,” and “Take What we Want.” All three songs, Ice Cube said will stick out on the album.