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Young Buck reviews 50 Cent’s “The Lost Tape” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For nearly four years, Young Buck invested most of his energy into belittling 50 Cent and trying to leave his G-Unit contract. During this time, things have not gone as expected for 50 Cent, musically. The once hip hop mainstay has lost a lot of popularity, but is currently experiencing a minor comeback.

50 Cent finally released his project with DJ Drama, which he properly named The Lost Tape. The project caught the attention of many, because it displayed a return to the hardcore style 50 Cent owned a decade ago. Many have given The Lost Tape rave reviews and many of 50 Cent’s rivals have even commented on the project.

One of 50 Cent’s more interesting rivals, Young Buck, has now taken it upon himself to review 50 Cent’s new mixtape.

Watch Young Buck’s review below: