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Terrence and Rocsi announce “106 & Park” departure [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two weeks ago, rumors began to surface about Terrence and Rocsi leaving “106 & Park.” At a time when many felt no one could replace A.J. and Free, Terrence and Rocsi came in and have spent more time hosting “106 & Park” than the originals. The two have been met with much acclaim, as they resonate with the younger audience more and they have many interviews under their belt, among those, an interview with A.J. and Free.

Much like A.J. and Free, however, Terrence and Rocsi have gained fame through the platform provided by “106 & Park” and have many new opportunities. Because of this, both are deciding to leave the series to pursue these other projects. Despite leaving BET, both will miss the job and have enjoyed providing entertainment over the past six years. Before “106 & Park,” both were local radio personalities in Louisiana and North Carolina, respectively.

The two recently addressed the rumors of their departures on “106 & Park,” confirming the rumors and preparing for their respective futures.

Watch the entire video below: