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Meek Mill talks joining Roc Nation’s management

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The biggest career move for Meek Mill came when he signed with Maybach Music, which led to him being a part of a hip hop oriented Warner Bros. Records. Being under the guidance of Rick Ross over the past year has paid off tremendously for Meek Mill, but he is still thinking bigger. One thing Meek Mill learned from Rick Ross was to continue pushing for more.

While Rick Ross has his own unique savvy, he picked up many lessons from Jay-Z, who signed him to Def Jam in 2005. During the early years of his mainstream career, Ross spent much time with Jay-Z. In the time since then, Rick Ross has emulated his knack for captivating listeners and releasing yearly albums. Meek Mill knows this and this was a reason he decided to join Roc Nation.

Wale, another Maybach Music star, is also managed by Roc Nation. It was Jay-Z who helped Wale leave his previous label and then sign to MMG. Meek Mill said he signed with Roc Nation because he understood his managers could only get him so far. Adding a company with the influence of Roc Nation would help open many other doors for the young rapper. Recently, Billboard caught up with Meek Mill and he continued to discuss his new business relationship with Jay-Z and his Roc Nation.

Read an excerpt of Meek Mill’s interview with Billboard via below:

“This theory is that I’m an underground rapper and I come from the street,” he explained in an interview. “There’s parts of the game that I can’t reach with my management and so we combined with them and made things work out to the point where they could bring things to the table that we need,” explained Mill, noting that there weren’t any other management deals in the works. “They’re taking it to the next level. I’m not looking for anything. Everything else falls on me.”