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2 Chainz decodes “No Lie” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The popularity of 2 Chainz goes without mentioning, as he turned himself into the biggest talk of the game. Along with the talk is a lot of action, as 2 Chainz is involved hundreds of popular songs released over the past year. Many of these songs have 2 Chainz as the featured artist, but he has a number of his own hits.

Despite the number of singles 2 Chainz has out, his first official single did not arrive until the release of “No Lie” with Drake. The song has become an immediate hit for the veteran emcee. With his first official single out, 2 Chainz’ star has risen even higher, making him an even bigger star.

Life + Times recently caught up with 2 Chainz, featuring him in their “Decoded” segment, having he decode his “No Lie” single.

Watch the entire video below: