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50 Cent says he has not talked to Lloyd Banks in nine months

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Once the most-united front in hip hop, G-Unit has lost a few of their biggest star players, who have gone on to become rivals. The stars ousted from G-Unit were Game and Young Buck, the two who never really were a part of G-Unit, according to 50 Cent. G-Unit was originally a movement based in Queens and Game and Young Buck joined the crew later.

When Game left G-Unit, he said Young Buck would soon leave, also. Young Buck met the same fate as Game three years later. The former group and label-mates began working together and both began saying Lloyd Banks would soon leave the crew. Growing up around 50 Cent, this was something Banks denied.

However, things began to fall apart for G-Unit Records at Interscope, leading to most of the roster of G-Unit being off Interscope Records. 50 Cent established another deal for these artists with EMI Records. During this period of time, Lloyd Banks returned to the mixtape scene and re-established his presence, his mixtape buzz propelled his HFM 2 album.

Lloyd Banks has remained out of the spotlight, for the most part, since the 2010 release of his album. The Queens emcee has his V6 mixtape in the works, but nothing has come from the project since the release of the artwork. 50 Cent recently spoke on his overall movement, saying everything was going great, but said he has not spoken with Lloyd Banks in nine months. With G-Unit Records’ status currently hanging in the balance, it is possible that Lloyd Banks is no longer even an artist on the label.