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Yo Gotti interview with Jenny Boom Boom TV [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, Yo Gotti has remained one of the most-popular bubbling under artists in the game, as his cult following is large. Currently, Yo Gotti is headlining the Road to Riches tour and has made stops throughout the United States. In making these appearances, Yo Gotti’s popularity has continued to rise.

Much like many other rappers, Yo Gotti has made a lot of money on the road, more money from touring than selling records. The Tennessee emcee recently discussed his tour and his money during his stop in Connecticut. Yo Gotti spoke with Jenny Boom Boom TV about the money he makes on tour and also about his writing process.

While he is on tour, Yo Gotti is gearing up to release another studio album. As he is recording new music, Yo Gotti revealed he is making $90,000 each week from his tour dates. With a cash flow like that, Yo Gotti should never have to worry about going broke.

Watch the entire interview below: