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Oil Spill Ent. teams up with Vyzion Entertainment

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the most-popular independent entertainment companies, Oil Spill Ent. continues to make major moves. Already affiliated with Big Cat Records, through company CEO, Cognac Gunna, and working with other media outlets, the profile of Oil Spill Ent. is raising. Aside from the affiliations, the growing buzz of Cognac Gunna and $trategy is keeping the company going strong.

A diversified entertainment company, Oil Spill Ent. boasts a roster of rappers, poets, singers, models, and various other forms of entertainers. Providing a plaftorm for so many, Oil Spill Ent. is not only grabbing the attention of aspiring entertainers, but also the attention of various entertainment executives. Big Cat Records has been working with Cognac Gunna for months and now other high-profile companies are interested in speaking with the Oil Spill team.

Recently, Oil Spill Ent. caught the attention of Greg Bailey, the CEO of Vyzion Entertainment. Doing everything from management to radio, Vyzion Entertainment will be working closely with Oil Spill Ent. with the development of their large roster of talent.