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Raekwon talks developing JD Era with [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since his 2009 comeback, Raekwon has kept his name out there by separating himself from other rappers. Everything from his style to how he operates his business is different from the other rappers out there. Because of his willingness to be different, Raekwon has been able to find success in this new era of hip hop.

Quickly, Toronto is becoming another hub for hip hop. In 2009, Drake successfully rose the ranks of the mixtape game to the doors of Young Money. Since then, more artists from the Toronto area have been making moves. Raekwon has noticed this and invested in the area.

Raekwon recently signed a Toronto rapper, JD Era, and he has him with him for every move he makes. JD Era has been on tour with Raekwon and Raekwon has been doing more in the Toronto area. Recently, Raekwon spoke to about his development of JD Era and his love for the city north of the border.

Watch the entire interview below: