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Lil B reveals he is working with Drake

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Lil B became one of the biggest stars in the game. During this period of time in 2011, Lil B announced his new album was in the works. Because he was not too big of a star, Lil B’s album was not to big of a deal. However, the title of the album shocked many, as Lil B named his album, I’m Gay, a taboo in the rap game.

Lil B promoted his album throughout the summer, causing controversy along the way. Because of his album title, Lil B was contacted by GLAAD and he was dissed by Game. Many felt Lil B only named his album I’m Gay for attention. Lil B said gay means happy and he is happy to be a successful rapper, which is why he named his album I’m Gay.

While many had negative things to say about Lil B, the major players wanted to work with him. The popular mixtape from Lil Wayne, Sorry 4 The Wait, featured Lil B. Lupe Fiasco praised Lil B, calling him “good for hip hop” and said he would work with him. Now, Drake is among the people working with the “gay” rapper. Lil B said it is going to be big, but he cannot discuss it yet.