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Mixtape Review: AG Cubano – “Power Trip”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every championship team has a strong depth chart. On the off chance the stars cannot play up to par, there are other options available. Somewhere along the line hip hop crews have forgotten about this and many movements have fallen to the wayside. It is obvious Rick Ross is a bigger student of the game than anyone could have imagined.

When Rick Ross focused on Maybach Music, he went all in on the label, establishing many sub-labels. Maybach Music Latino has enjoyed much success in 2012, making a name for themselves outside of their name. Rising Bay Area talent, AG Cubano, has emerged as one of Maybach Music Latino’s stars. For months, the label has been focusing on the release of his Power Trip mixtape.

Following months of anticiaption, AG Cubano delivered Power Trip last night. Of course his label affiliation is a topic of discussion, but on Power Trip, AG Cubano separates himself from everyone in the rap game with his unique voice and witty lyrics. In many ways, Power Trip is more of an album than a mixtape, as the record has some of the most-impressive instrumentals, putting many albums to shame. AG Cubano makes the overall Maybach Music name proud with his rhymes, as he trades rhymes with Maybach Music Latino president, BaRock Urbano, on several tracks.

Power Trip is delivered right in time for summer, when hopes for a new start are high. When summer sets in, people think of finally reaching their goals, whether it be losing weight or making money. AG Cubano makes it clear his motive is to take over during the summer and his confidence echoes from the speakers Power Trip has been blasted out of. While from the Bay Area, AG Cubano has embedded himself in the Miami hip hop scene, riding the Miami-style beats just as easily as the Bay Area beats. AG Cubano proves regardless of region he is one of the top emcees in the game.

AG Cubano is on a Power Trip that will continue throughout the summer, as his tracks with N.O.R.E. and others will be played throughout the year. With such role players as AG Cubano, Maybach Music will be a championship team for years to come.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Review: 8/10

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