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DJ Scream speaks on his background, Maybach Music, and current projects with “The Source”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, DJ Scream watched his brand become a household name. With his buzz growing, it was only a matter of time before the Atlanta DJ was contacted by Rick Ross. Throughout 2011, Rick Ross expanded his Maybach Music brand. While building himself into the biggest rapper on the planet, Ross was focused on signing rising talent to his label and watching them become stars under his label.

DJ Scream signed with Maybach Music and was instantly a part of the most-popular movement in hip hop. While things are set for DJ Scream now, he went through many hardships before he landed his position with Maybach Music. The Source caught up with DJ Scream and he explained how he got to where he is.

Building his fan base through Atlanta radio, DJ Scream said he began doing radio in college and he was the mix DJ for Georgia Tech and Georgia University. XM, before the Sirius merger, gave DJ Scream a one-hour show and he landed with Hip Hop Nation. Now, DJ Scream has his own show on 107.9 in Atlanta, Hoodrich Radio.

Early in 2012, DJ Scream had a major hand in history, as he hosted Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape. Before he was placed on such a large platform, DJ Scream was breaking records for Shawty Lo. While he was making moves, DJ Scream said Rick Ross contacted him and soon flew him down to Miami and introduced him to the Maybach Music family. This first meeting laid the groundwork for the hailed Rich Forever mixtape.

Focused on making more moves, DJ Scream has an iPhone app in the works, along with an Android version coming too. DJ Scream is also working on his debut album, Long Live the Hustle, which he hopes to release before 2012 ends. The album will follow the prototype of DJ-helmed albums, as compilation releases.