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Chox-Mak talks “Nine Eleven, Vol. 2: Oxymoron LP” project

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There have been many new artists emerging in 2012 with successful releases. Among these new names is Chox-Mak, continuing the trend of the “New South.” While from North Carolina, much like J. Cole, Chox has a universal sound. Demand has been high for a return to intellectual hip hop and Chox-Mak reflects the return of real lyrics in hip hop.

In the opening days of 2012, Chox-Mak began his flurry of releases, delivering his Nine Eleven, Vol. 1 mixtape. Following the release of the mixtape, Chox-Mak released many other popular songs and a few other projects. As his buzz built, Chox-Mak continued delivering individual singles to hold fans over.

Chox-Mak decided to deliver a project right before the summer, as he is becoming more visible, as an artist. With the seasons changing, Chox-Mak felt it was the right time for him to deliver the second edition of Nine Eleven. More focused and invested, Chox-Mak began working on Nine Eleven, Vol. 2: Oxymoron LP, which is due to be released later today.

As he prepares for the release of the mixtape, Chox-Mak spoke on the project with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

You’ve been on an incredible run this year, how does it feel to be an underground champion? It feels good, I just continue to stay humble and keep working towards my goals. I never thought I’d be in the postion I’m in now, so I’m grateful and no there is still much more hard work to come in the future.

This summer, fans can find you at DJ Prince’s Servin These Streets Underground Summer Jam, correct? Yeah, I’ll be out there rocking. Most people don’t know this, but me and Prince have had a good buisness relationship for a few years now we both have faith in each other’s grind.
Early this year, you released Nine Eleven, Vol. 1, how does Nine Eleven, Vol. 2 improve upon the previous tape? I wouldn’t say it improves on, it is just a different approach, as a whole, from the beat selections to the lyrics. The first two were just to build up to Vol. 3 which will be a full street album with features and solo tracks.
Where did the sub-title, Oxymoron LP, come from? I always make oxymoron references in my lyrics and the tape is actually backwards, the last track is the first track, and the first is the last. Another reason, the fact that I use Nine Eleven, which is supposedly a bad day, but it is actually my birthday, so I wanted to make it somthing good.
Thus far, you have released several online hits, is this new project filled with more hits? Yeah, it’s got a couple club bangers on it, but I’m still hitting with my lyrical “#90sflow.” I believe “Tell ‘Em Come Get Me will give the club heads something to vibe to.
Can you talk about your songs, “Ecstasy” and “She Wants Me?” “Ecstasy” is song I did a while ago, it’s a play on words, really, ecstasy is supposed to make you feel good while you’re on it, so I compare my lyrics to Ecstasy, in a sense. “She Wants Me” was just somthing that came to me vibin to the beat at N-Tone’s. I told him to hold it down for me, came back with a hit I think he was even suprised with what I came up with for the song being out of my normal comfort zone and everything. That will be the official first single for Vol. 3.
What led to you changing your style up on “She Wants Me?” I’m just finally finding myself, musically. I’m an old school hip hop head at heart, but I’m not afraid to express myself in a different way and reach different audiences. “She Wants Me” seems to be one of those tracks that will definitely be a hit. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.
Compared to your previous bodies of work, how would you rank Nine Eleven, Vol. 2I’d have to say Vol. 2 is one of my best all original productions and it is somthing for everybody on this tape. I held on to it for a while and even changed some songs around, I think its going to make some noise.
There are many other projects from you in the works, how do you manage your time? It’s tough man, but I just put my mind to somthing and grind as hard as possible. You have to be dedicated %100 nowadays for your music to really be taken seriously. I have at least five more projects that will be released before the end of the year my favorite quote is from Scarface “nothing exceeds like excess.”