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Serena Williams launches rap career

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Serena Williams was a highly-discussed topic in the hip hop world, as the lyrical battle between Drake and Common heated up. The relationship between Serena Williams and Common was no secret, as they were together for over two years. When the two called it quits, their split was very high-profile.

There were rumors about new men in Serena Williams’ life, but there were no confirmations about her relationship status. Still a relative newcomer, much has been said about the romantic life Drake leads. When Rihanna first ended her relationship with Chris Brown, she dated Drake, who has since romanced many women. Many feel he romanced Serena Williams, also.

Both Drake and Common denied their war of words being over Serena Williams and the two have since made up. Regardless, it looks as if both Drake and Common will have competition in the rap game, as Serena Williams has taken a break from tennis to record a track in Miami. The track does not have a title, but a one-minute teaser is available.

Listen to Serena Williams’ rap song below: