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Jadakiss talks The L.O.X. and Ma$e comeback with “Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past year, Jadakiss has managed to be one of the most-discussed New York hip hop artists, as he has kept his name out there. Three years have passed since Jadakiss released an album, but he has delivered two album quality mixtapes. While releasing his mixtapes and appearing on a number of successful albums, Jadakiss has been preparing The L.O.X. comeback and his next album.

Earlier this week, Jadakiss revealed The L.O.X. would not be returning to Bad Boy Records, though they are now distributed by Interscope Records. Jadakiss, when discussing The L.O.X., has said the trio has a new label deal on the verge of closing. However, all the members of the group have said no announcement will come until things are official. At one point considering a return to Bad Boy, those plans were nixed.

During Jadakiss’ time at Bad Boy Records, he watched Ma$e blossom into one of the biggest rap stars on the planet. By the time Ma$e entered his retirement, Jadakiss and company had moved on to the Ruff Ryders at Interscope Records. Recently, Jadakiss spoke with “Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg” for Hot 97 and he spoke on the status of The L.O.X. and Ma$e’s third attempt at a comeback.

Watch the entire interview below: