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Lil’ Boosie’s murder trial day 3: Michael Louding testifies

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Yesterday marked the third day of Lil’ Boosie’s murder trial. Lil’ Boosie has been in jail since 2010 because of the 2009 murder of Terry Boyd. Thus far, there has been a lot of discussion about Michael Louding, the man who was reportedly paid by Lil’ Boosie to murder Terry Boyd. At one point, it was said that Louding confessed to murdering Boyd under Boosie’s orders, something he denied. Lil’ Boosie’s legal team later stated Louding battled voices in his head, which told him to hurt people.

Previously, the prosecution, led by attorney Dana Cummings said Michael Louding confessed to being the paid hitman on tape. However, when he testified, Michael Louding said he was at Lil’ Boosie’s home on the day of the muder and that the two never left. During his testimony, Michael Louding denied ever telling police he shot Terry Boyd. Dana Cummings had the tape replayed and Louding gave a play-by-play account of what happened, confessing to the murder.

However, when he returned to the stand, Michael Louding again denied being involved in the murder. Back on the stand, Louding said “I never killed Terry Boyd and Mr. Hatch never paid me to kill Terry Boyd.” Soon becoming irritated, Michael Louding asked about the other eight hours of the tape. When Dana Cummings revealed all of the conversation was not recorded, Michael Louding said it sounds like “somebody trying to hide something.” Michael Louding was later forced to reveal his tattoo of an AK-47, which contained the line, “Yo Boosie who’s next.” Louding once said it meant he was a hitman, but then said police made him say that.

Michael Louding said he was under pressure because the police informed him that Lil’ Boosie had taken a hit out on him for $25,000 and the best thing to do was turn on him to get him off the streets. Because he had been previously shot at, Louding believed it and then said what the police told him to say. Following banter about his relationship with Lil’ Boosie, Dana Cummings asked Michael Louding how Terry Boyd died and he said “you live by it, you die by it.” When Cummings asked Louding if he lied when he said Lil’ Boosie paid him to kill Boyd, Louding confirmed he was.

Jason Williams, Lil Boosie’s defense attorney, also examined Michael Louding, playing the full tape, which starts off with law enforcement telling him how to approach the story. As the tape continued to play, Louding is revealed to ask, in shock, if Lil’ Boosie was planning to kill him when he is released from jail. The detective, who was involved in the initial questioning, admitted to lying to Michael Louding to get the truth out of him, saying it is a tactic often used. Michael Louding admitted to having a longstanding feud with Terry Boyd, who robbed now deceased Michael Judson. Questioned about the voices in his head, Louding said he was being treated for it and when asked about committing murders, he replied he was a lover, not a murderer.

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