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Will Ace Hood become the next star on Cash Money Records?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Cash Money Records has defied the odds and has actually transformed into what many other homegrown hip hop record labels always dreamed of becoming. When it seemed as if the Cash Money label had gone in the direction of Death Row, Roc-A-Fella, and No Limit before them, they rose and took over the game. Lil Wayne had no intentions of leaving his label and was determined to take over the game.

The popularity of Lil Wayne led to Cash Money Records granting him Young Money and many artists flocked to this sub-label. Drake and Nicki Minaj signed to Lil Wayne’s label, while Cash Money busied itself, adding Bow Wow and DJ Khaled to the label. Popular through his series of singles, DJ Khaled was granted his own label, which Birdman eyed from day one.

Officially removing DJ Khaled from Def Jam, Cash Money Records is now officially the home of We the Best Music Group. For years, the label has been home to Ace Hood, an artist who has had the potential to be a star. While he has enjoyed a few minor hits, Ace Hood has been under the shadow of what this movement is, as opposed to advancing the movement, something the Florida rapper has set out to change. With Ace Hood now a part of Cash Money Records, through his label, We the Best, making a new deal with YMCMB.

Birdman, the CEO and spokesperson for Cash Money Records, said he has been interested in working with Ace Hood since he first entered the game, five years ago. Last year, Ace Hood enjoyed a brief period in the spotlight right before the spring season. Now officially signed to the hottest record label in the game, Birdman said he was ready to help turn Ace Hood into one of the biggest rap stars in the game. Ace Hood has always had the potential and will continue to have the potential, but will things actually pan out with Ace Hood on Cash Money Records?