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Ashley Salazar to be featured in Maxim En Espanol

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Back in September, Ashley Salazar was featured as “Hottie of the Week.” During her interview, Salazar made it clear she was very ambitious. Ashley Salazar has made a name for herself doing risque modeling. However, Ashley Salazar has been working hard to be featured in more print publications.

With the ultimate goal of being featured in Playboy in mind, Ashley Salazar has managed to catch the attention of many magazines. Among the magazines which Ashley Salazar will be featured in includes Maxim. Coming soon, she will be featured in Maxim En Espanol, the spanish division of Maxim this month and next month.

Things are coming together for Ashley Salazar at the right time. Last night, Ashley Salazar won Miss June 2013 for Big Saint Charles Motor Sports. Ashley Salazar will also compete for their “Girl of the Year” in September. Currently, Ashley Salazar is also running for Playboy‘s Miss Social June.