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Rick Ross is hip hop’s most-powerful artist

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not everyone likes Rick Ross, in fact there is a great deal of people who hate Rick Ross and everything he stands for. For every person who feels this way, there are the fans who cannot get enough of Rick Ross and they have put him in his current position. The rap game has been looking for a new champion, since their former champion, Jay-Z, has transitioned into the corporate life and Rick Ross has filled this void.

Almost overnight, Rick Ross went from being a little more than a regional rapper with his “Hustlin'” hit to shutting down the internet when his press conference started. During his conversation with the public, Rick Ross admitted he did not always believe he would be in this position. Rick Ross did say, however, he hoped to be there and his hope, paired with hard work, got him to where he is.

Executives and media personalities known for staying out of the spotlight came out at the request of Rick Ross. With rumors of him leaving Def Jam, Rick Ross still had his executives from Def Jam available, alongside his Warner Bros. partners. Not many people have the power to have executives from rival labels complimenting each other the way Rick Ross had Def Jam and Warner Bros. doing.

Not since the days of Jay-Z has a hip hop artist had the power to dominate the way Rick Ross proved he could with his press conference. While his record sales do not yet reflect those of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross’ business acumen has gained him the genuine respect from the executives who were in the room, hanging on to the edge of their seats, as Rick Ross made his announcements. There are few artists, even popular artists, who would have the courage to call a press conference in fear of it being ignored by the masses, not Rick Ross.

Rick Ross literally stopped the hip hop blogosphere for an hour, until he revealed the release dates for Maybach Music’s new albums. For months, Rick Ross and his MMG artists have dominated the rap game with simply mixtape tracks, something which has never been done before. With everything Rick Ross has going on, he has become hip hop’s most-powerful artist.