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Freddie Gibbs may diss Rick Ross on “Baby Faced Killa” mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It was during Young Jeezy’s hiatus when Rick Ross emerged to become one of the biggest rappers in the game. Spending time in Miami, Young Jeezy was supposed to be recording TM103, which was met with frequent delays. While Young Jeezy was working on new material, which was met with several delays, Ross continued to release hit records.

One notable hit from Rick Ross during Young Jeezy’s hiatus was “B.M.F.,” which featured Styles P. The song became an anthem in the streets and subject to many freestyles. During the summer of 2010, Young Jeezy joined the list of rappers freestyling over the track. However, Young Jeezy’s freestyle came off as a diss to Rick Ross, given his connections to the Black Mafia Family.

Despite denials from Young Jeezy about dissing Rick Ross, the Teflon Don still began to hurl shots at his former friend on songs and in interviews. Last summer, Freddie Gibbs began commenting on the feud, subtly dissing Rick Ross. During a recent interview with MTV UK, Freddie Gibbs discussed his upcoming mixtape, Baby Faced Killa, and hinted at dissing Rick Ross on the mixtape.