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President Obama says he will sing Young Jeezy during his “second term” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Four years ago, Barack Obama, an ambitious senator from Illinois united the people and swept his way into the White House, making history. The first African-American president in United States history, Obama has overseen an economic recovery, following the worst recession since The Great Depression. In an interview, earlier this year, President Obama said his job was not done, so he would be campaigning for a second term.

As the re-election campaign for President Obama begins, the White House Correspondents Dinner took place, as the Obamas hosted many political rivals and media personalities. The show was stolen by ABC’s comic, Jimmy Kimmel, in many ways. However, President Obama, known for his way with words, had a message for Young Jeezy, who felt somewhat slighted by the president. In 2008, Young Jeezy recorded an anthem inspired by Obama, called “My President is Black,” but did not receive an invite to the White House.

President Obama caused a media frenzy when he sang Al Green a few months ago. Many media outlets are still discussing his singing. Joking about his re-election, Obama said he sang Al Green during his first term, but he would go with Young Jeezy during his second term. Young Jeezy responded via Twitter, saying “they love the snowman in the White House.”

Watch the entire video below: