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50 Cent talks Rick Ross/Dr. Dre collaboration and “The Lost Tape”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In many ways, 50 Cent has gone back to the future. A decade ago, 50 Cent probably felt as if he had released his last mixtape, Guess Who’s Back. The project made its way into the hands of Eminem and then Dr. Dre. Both loved the mixtape and signed 50 Cent to both of their record labels, instantly making him rich, and the rest was history.

Over the span of nine years, 50 Cent has had issues with everyone, during one time or another with his most-recent feud coming with Rick Ross. There were also rumors, actually started by 50, that he and Dr. Dre had issues. Dr. Dre never fully spoke on those rumors and has started working with Rick Ross.

While 50 Cent and Rick Ross remain rivals, since their beef started three years ago, 50 Cent wished him well when he was going through his seizures last fall. During his feud with Ja Rule, 50 Cent stated anyone who worked with him were openly disrespecting him. 50 Cent fired shots at R. Kelly, Ashanti, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss during this period of time, leading to two legendary feuds. But, his tone has now changed, as he thanked Dr. Dre for all he did for his own career and said Dre focuses more on making hits than rap beef.

Finally getting around to releasing his Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Lost Tape, 50 Cent said he had to go all out for his DJ Drama mixtape, because it is the most-popular brand around. Speaking on Drama, 50 Cent said he has the most-consistent and popular mixtape series out there.