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Yelawolf talks “Love Story” album with “”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Among the new breed of artists out there is Yelawolf. Rising to fame in 2010, the Alabama rapper was called the Eminem of the South. Automatically, comparisons came because both rappers were white. However, after listening to Yealwolf’s voice, the difference in subject matter made no difference, as the rappers sounded the same.

Eminem must have taken notice to this, as Yelawolf landed on the Shady Records roster in the early months of 2011. Before the end of the year, Yelawolf was on the road, promoting the release of his debut album, Radioactive. Not even six months after the release of his debut album, Yelawolf is already working on his second album, Love Story. recently caught up with Yelawolf and he revealed some information about his new album. Refusing to reveal collaborations with other artists, Yelawolf said the album will feature production from WillPower and Malay. Working with the same crew, Yelawolf says the album will focus on his life since Radioactive. The possibility of Eminem contributing to the album was brought up and Yelawolf said he was open to it, but he has not spoken with his boss about that yet.